World Wide Music - World Wide Music was set up as a prototype store designed around a modular structure to allow for additional customized art style variations to be dropped in for clients. The store utilizes, ecommerce, streaming audio, and a variety of custom cgi functions.

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Hanbery Society - The J.W. Hanbery Society is an organization of neurosurgical resident graduates from the Stanford Medical Department. These graduates assemble on an annual basis and the site presents the program of the year, membership listing, web links, and snapshots from previous gatherings.

CSS - (Complete Software Solutions) is a multi-national pharmaceutical/biotech software consulting company specializing in: development, validation, conversion, and training.

Stylodex - The Stylodex web site was designed as a way of presenting an extensive range of products for viewing online. The site visitor is able to view the various categories and inspect the entire contents of a package online and find a store carrying the products in their community.
Condo listing - A web site for this real estate listing was generated to stimulate interest in the property. It allowed corporate relocation specialists in regions around the country to present the property to potential clients relocating to the San Francisco area. The site gives the property specifications, map, and a large collection of images to peruse.